About me

As a teenager I got my first camera and the fire was lit. It went quickly from a hobby to a passion that I live daily. I take it very seriously and am ambitious with the results I am aiming for.

I am looking to create images within the triangle of portraiture, street photography and storytelling.

My mission is to work together with others to explore creative possibilities which push ourselves to a higher level of creative fulfillment. By working together we get the results that make it worth the time and effort.

I collaborate often with other members of the International Photo Club in Zürich and regularly instruct workshops.

 The shoots that I organize are in general prepared with moodboards which are created together with the team. This level of preparation makes the shoots more relaxed and fun. It is important to me to work in a good atmosphere and to develop relationships with the people I work with. 

While based in Zürich, Switzerland, I am on the road a lot and regularly in Geneva, Paris, Amsterdam and New York. You will find me most often in a studio, but I am regularly roaming the streets of exotic locations in search of interesting images. 

 I love to collaborate and am constantly looking for new challenges. If you are a model, actor/actress, fashion designer, MUA and look to develop a special project, or have a crazy idea, please contact me using the form below.

I speak English German, French and Dutch

Let’s create together !